Have you ever watched a David Blaine or Criss Angel television special and wondered how everything was done?  You might have assumed that it was all done using actors or special camera tricks?  Think again!  Watching TJ’s close up magic will debunk your theory immediately!  This nationally acclaimed magician has amazed some of the world’s largest skeptics.

     TJ’s magic is a real life television special right under your nose.  It doesn’t matter how close you watch, things will disappear, reappear, multiply and even float right in front of your very eyes!  This stuff is definitely not your typical trickery!  TJ’s close up magic is what gained him such national recognition.

     Watch a signed playing card get lost into a deck, then immediately reappear inside of someones shoe!  Witness 5 one dollar bills instantly transform into 5 one hundred dollar bills! Watch a finger ring mysteriously jump from finger to finger, then back onto your hand!! These are only a few of the miracles you’ll see in TJ’s truly unbelievable close-up show.